We partner with entrepreneurs whose cutting edge innovations unlock new frontiers for human potential. Our tech rebels are trailblazing new markets as they push the industry forward to overcome the limitations of today. 


Skymind is the world's leading provider of open-source deep learning enterprise solutions based on Java.


Starsky Robotics is the pioneering autonomous driving systems for commercial trucks. 

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Alcatraz AI (formerly known as Rainbe) is building a facial authentication platform using 3D sensing and AI.


Polysync is the operating middleware system for autonomous vehicles, connecting algorithms, sensors and actuators into plug-and-play apps. 


Paladin Cyber is a cyber security company on a mission to protect your businesses against cyber attacks.

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TensorFlight automatically analyzes satellite, aerial, drone and street view imagery in order to automate slow and expensive manual in-person property inspections.


Point One Navigations is the most reliable GPS precision service for autonomous vehicles and unmanned drones. 


Epinomics is decoding the programming of our genome to drive personalized medicine and impact drug development and clinical applications.

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Apprentice is a leader in enterprise augmented reality. They developing a world in which multi-tech systems are used to empower scientists, engineers and manufacturers who operate in various complex, compliance-driven environments. 


Plus.AI is developing autonomous driving solutions powered by deep learning.


Cypre is the top-tier 3D bioprinting company that is drastically improving drug development and precision medicine for cancer patients. 


BioAesthetics is regenerating the nipple-areolar complex for the 200,000+ women whom undergo mastectomies every year