‘Hemi’ (hēmi-) means ‘half’ in Greek. As a fund, Hemi Ventures aims to serve as a second hemisphere for our founders. In addition to capital, Hemi will provide expertise, experience and networks; we identify potential synergies in our networks and portfolio companies to help establish pivotal relationships for our founders. Our goal is to cultivate our startups and build a nurturing ecosystem around them, becoming the most reliable other half to stand beside them.


Amy Gu
Managing Partner

Amy is a technology enthusiast, entrepreneur, and philanthropist at heart. She stays deeply involved with founders and companies. She has been touted by many founders as the most helpful among all their investors. Being an entrepreneur for the past decade, Amy has helped visionary startups like Evernote and Udacity to the next stage of growth. Amy was voted Fast Company's Most Creative People 2015. 


Justin Li

Justin is an entrepreneur turned investor.  After being trained as a Chemist at University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, he founded Blleep, a location based social app. He has worked in various venture funds before —  including WI Harper and Green Pine Capital on deal sourcing and due diligence. 


Julie Qiu
Marketing Manager

During her 9+ years in branding, marketing and PR, Julie has worked at several multinational companies such as Google, Uber and Infiniti. She was one of Uber Beijing's first employees and helped the city become one of Uber's fastest growing cities ever. 


Mike Bai

After graduating as a mechanical engineer from Columbia University, Mike hustled for 6 years in Shenzhen, China – learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, hardware and the international supply chain. Following stints at INSEAD, Amazon and a cross-border boutique investment bank, Mike is excited to help founders navigate the business landscape and shape the future. 


Ben Liu

With multiple degrees in mathematics and engineering, Ben got bored of his financial engineering career.  Instead, he decided to focus on becoming an expert in machine learning. He worked at Schroders, CBRE , Lufax.com, and loves working with numbers.