The 2017 Intelligence in Medicine Summit(IMS2017), an international conference bridging communities from academia and industry, was hosted August 26, 2017 at the Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center at Stanford University. The conference covered various topics on AI’s role in assisting clinical diagnosis in medicine, promoting the growth of artificial intelligence’s role in advancing human wellbeing.   

Professor Xing Lei from Department of Radiology Oncology of Stanford University served as Chairman. Accompanying him at the event, academic speakers from Stanford, UCLA, UCSF, and MIT shared insights on the space. Industry experts from Nvidia and artificial intelligence startup companies also attended and shared their outlooks. More than 150 students, scholars, post-doctors, staffs, innovators and other attended the Summit. 

The summit opened with a commencement ceremony followed by three sessions, each with a keynote speech, special report and a symposium (panel) discussion. Over 150 people attended the summit, participating in a series of talks and several networking sessions, developing industry and academic networks while exploring new information and innovations on artificial intelligence in medicine.  

Amy Gu, managing partner at Hemi Ventures attended as a panel speaker for the conference. She talked about applying AI in medicine and healthcare — together with the fund's other focus in self driving car and enterprise applications.