Our Founders

At Hemi, we pursue innovators who still enjoy looking at the stars without any lens—dreamers who love immersion but don’t limit their vision to just one thing.  Hemi looks to those who pioneer the frontiers of new technology—industry rebels who are fiercely seduced by a penchant for the avant-garde.  

Our Team

‘Hemi’ (hēmi-) means ‘half’ in Greek. As a fund, Hemi Ventures aims to serve as a second hemisphere for our founders. We identify potential synergies in our networks to help establish pivotal relationships for our founders. Our goal is to cultivate our startups and build a nurturing ecosystem around them.

  News and Events

Building a Business

Hemi’s central investment thesis is that technology shapes the world. To verbalize our mission, Hemi shares a vision with our founders, having our portfolio write the story of pioneering technology remolding our societies. We constantly share our insights and perspectives on how to build a successful business.